• Rabano

    New Amulet Powers

    October 21, 2011 by Rabano

    Perhaps it may be a good idea for fan-made amulets. They could cost more, like 45 or 60 tix, and the creator would have to pay 30 or 40 robux to get tecmagdiams to post it. I came up with 5 ideas already

    1:Psychedelic amulet-Gives any object a moving psychedelic design, for a distraction. "When one is cornered by a psycho celtic, psychedelic" 15 tix 2 hour recharge time

    2:Blind View Amulet-Allows you to see through eyelids for 15 minutes. Opening eyes will overload amulet effect. "For a feeling of deep, see straight through your sleep" 30 tix 12 hour recharge time

    3:Context-Sensitive Amulet- Will create a random object that will somehow help in the situation somehow "i need to defeat this speedy clown that jeers.....what the hell?! it gave …

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  • Splat31

    Help Wanted.

    August 31, 2011 by Splat31

    Hullo! I'm more commonly known as splat31, but some people know me as Chey, which I prefer to be called.

    My main job around here is to make it OCD freindly, AKA formatting. I like things to look nice and neat.


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  • Acebatonfan

    Has anyone noticed how annoying my little sister is? I get yelled at for waking up at 6:00 AM, annoyed because I'm with someone she hates, and then threatened because she has to face the concequences of her actions.

    To keep it simple, does anyone want my sister?

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