Comic Relief1

An example would be plastic man

Comic Relief is a character that is generally dim witted but visually creative and hilarious. Often a sub character or an NPC , the comic relief is rarely seen being used by any roleplayer, since it requires an extreme lack of dignity and knowledge of unsensiblle comebacks at the exact time (ex:I sold it to passing gypsies, that is the weevil, I refuse to be victimized by virtuous behavior, I retard on my costume,etc.) while still keeping in the rules and off the other's nerves. Often the comic relief will break the fourth wall even when its not called for, will often used weird weapons, usually doesnt fight, and will usually get injured the first 10 seconds the fight has started. More often than not, the comic relief will annoy the most patient antagonists to the point they scream and hack away at him. Despite the injuries, the comic relief will usually survive due to his importance in storyline entertainment, and if used often will cause some permanence in the minds of spectators. If the comic relief manages to last a long while without rule breakings and annoying players, he will be able to create some running gags and memorable lines, even when not on purpose. A comic relief is usually extremely lucky in situations his own stupidity gets himself into, getting out of them in ways only his stupidity could come up with
Comic relief2

Another example would be elan the bard from order of the stick