Weapon(s) Carried:

Sword, Dagger, and 2 knives

Hair Color:

Black, Often Tied back in a pony tail.

Other Notes:

He can operate both a crossbow and a bow with skill, but does not usually carry one.Carries an amulet of low-friction.

Dragour is one of Luuklilo's permanent characters.

His last name is said to be Worris, but he does not know for sure, owing to the fact both of his parents died early in his life.

He goes clothed in green and brown speckled cloak and hood and is dressed in green clothes, with a leather chestpiece under them, leather boots and leather gloves aswell.

His sword, is in a sheath attached to his belt, with his dagger right by it, and a another sheathed on his other side, clasped to his belt. Dragour also carries two knives fastened in each sleeve, wich can be used for parrying, throwing, or stabbing.

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