Ebonytalon is decently active, coming on whenever he doesn't have homework (Which , he adds, is rare). However, most of the time he gets on anyways


He started on MRP around 2012-2011, he really isn't sure. His first character was a guard captain under somebody who was a queen. He doesn't remember who though.

Writing Style

A bit heavy on detail, his characters sometimes seem difficult to approach. However, should someone attempt to join him he'll allow it.

Memorable Characters

Darius- Consul of Ijune, a country that he made up because he was curious how liberal he could make a kingdom. Half-Rhen, a race of made up creatures who stop aging at 21 and rapidly age near death, He stands at six feet and two inches, with black hair that carries specs of grey caused by stress along with piercing silver eyes. His ears are slightly pointed, unlike the dramatic blade point of most Rhens.

Vari & Xara - Koro's first maids, Vari acts much like a head of household. Using her skill with knives to attempt to control the household, she refuses to wear the uniform though. Xara is a talkative drunk. There's not much else to it.

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