In Medieval Roleplay, admins have the ability to gift trusted roleplayers with special classes. These classes will last for as long as the server is alive. If the server dies, as when nobody is in MRP, the person who has been gifted with the class will no longer be able to get into that class. If you are lucky, Tecmagdiams may gift you a permanant class; this has not happened recently though.

3.0 Gift ClassesEdit


4.0 Gift ClassesEdit

Some classes on MRP 4.0 can only be gifted by certain admins. If a low-admins tries to gift someone a class only a high-admin can gift, a GUI will pop-up and say that is only allowed for high-admins.

Low AdminsEdit

Low admins, or mages, can only gift one class at MRP: Student of Magic. They can, though, change a person's class to any non-gifted class (unless they were gifted).

High AdminsEdit

High admins, or archmages, can gift:

Similar to a low-admin, they can also change people's classes. As previously stated, both type of admins can only server-gift.


Very recently, Medieval Roleplay has joined the endless list of places attacked by exploiters. These exploiters can change their class to the admin classes listed above. If you happen to find a person in a gift class who cannot name which admin gave them the class, please contact one of the admins for further monitoring.

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