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Enchantments by me currently in the SystemEdit

Tyrs Arm-Edit

Belonging to the character Tyr ,who is currently EvilChiken's character.

His left arm is enchanted with the bones of a fish, Sharpened to the point of a spike and later enchanted to do three things, which include:

1. The Passive enchantment of durbility and strength so it is on par with metal.

2. An enchantment to press the spikes against his skin to hide them with the word, "Veccis." This toggles the spikes.

3. Finally, the enchantment enables the ability to line the spikes with green fire at the word "Luxe". The fire however ,does not burn things and merely allows for illumination.

* As a side note the bones are not considered 'dead' , as they were raised by necromancy. They are actually considered his bones now, kept alive by calcium his body gives to it.*

Four Cheap Amulets of Water Breathing-Edit

While not exactly in the system yet, but more or less made for a upcoming event, These amulets are easily breakable but yet made so the wearer could breath underwater which is nesscary for a trip to the Elemental Plane of Water. The amulets themselves, are worth about 5 copper each.

As of yet, they are not currently distributed, and are still in the possesion of Javalords character, Mortalitas.