Leetwizard is a MRP player, Who started in about 09. He's a big fanboy of the knight and bandit , Guard, And occasionally theif classes, But he just loves whenever he gets the gift of being a rogue or student, As those are his two faveroute classes (Any magicuser or a rogue). His mortal enemy is Evilchicken, Due to a argument between weither or not paladins should use warhammers or maces due to them not shedding blood (I still belive that a paladin should use them, Evilchicken.) He's friendly unless you PO him. His main character here is Natalis Hawthrone, Using Aldreon or Alex Hawthrone in other roleplays. Alex is genrally a mage, Aldreon is genrally op so I don't use him in mrp, And Natalis is a normally bandit