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According to a post on Tec's MRP related Blog titled," The Great Era of Motivation" &nbsp as of December the 13, Tec picked of working on MRP again.

He also posted this survey , for people to fill out.

Welcome to the MRPeople Wiki~Edit

Here it is, a wiki for MRP. Ever wondered,

"Who the hell is that?"

'"How do I do this?"'

"What's that rule?"

"What does this amulet do?"

You've come to the right place, for answers to those questions.

Add things, try to be nice, spread love and friendship, and remember the internet song.

"It okay, to not like things, but don't be a dick about it."

You can add things about yourself, and other people, or anything, by clicking the "Add a page" button up top.

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{C Oh, and see that pretty Picture up there? You can thank Clo for that.

If you need your page added, want to ask if you can be an admin on this wiki, or help, message me, Whether it be roblox or Xfire

Becoming a staff member:Edit

If you wish to become staff, you must prove you are willing to spend time and effort on this wiki.

Whether it be by contributing, fact checking, or over-seeing edits made by others, to become a staff member, please contact me, (splat31) by one of the aforementioned ways, with a description what you want to be, how you think you can help the wiki, and a list of edits.

Take our surveyEdit

This isn't long, only about 5 questions, and I'll be sure to post results later.

Here are the results so far, but if you haven't taken the opportunity to do so yet, try to now.

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