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The Mary Sue is the "perfect girl" archetype in roleplays, and (occasionally) real life. Most people have Sues they keep to themselves, but some people (usually preteen girls) will let their Sues run rampant on the Internet, thus becoming Suethors.

Mary Sues are an abomination against everything that is right, and Suethors should be persecuted relentlessly until they quit IRL.

Meet the Sues Edit

Mary Sue has many faces, and also many names. Mary-Sue and Sue are both used, and all three are acceptable. Using “Mary” as a name for Mary Sue is uncommon, and may confuse some readers. Mary Sue’s brother is a bit more complicated. The male version of a Sue is called Marty Sue, Marty Stu, Marti Gra, Sephiroth, Mary Stu, Gary Stu, and several other male-ish variations on Mary Sue. Also, some people may refer to a Male Sue as a John Doe. Some Mary Sues are also author insertions, characters the author uses to put themselves into the story. Not all Mary Sues are author insertions, though, and by some definitions not all author insertions are Sues. Although most are. If not all. The name "Mary Sue" came from a Star Trek fanzine written by an author who created a character that, at the tender age of fifteen-and-a-half, became a Lieutenant, during which she revealed she also is half-Vulcan. Afterwords, she ran the Enterprise while everyone else was sick, nursed them back to health, and then subsequently died. More than likely, she was wearing a red shirt at the time.

Signs of a Mary Sue Edit

Telltale signs of a Mary Sue include:Edit

Just to quickly point something out; Erika is a Germanic variation of the name "Erica." If you were to go to, for example, Europe, more people would be with the name "Erika" than "Erica".

  • Has the surname of some canon character the Suethor likes or is otherwise related to at least one canon character.
  • Common names with unusual spellings, usually with K's or Y's in weird places: Ravyn, Jennifyr, Erika, Elizabetteth, etc.
  • Names that are overused or meant to describe an appearance or object in connection with the character: Raven, Luna, Anya, Felina, etc.
  • Names that are a combination of the above characteristics: Enoby Darkness Wray.

Common TraitsEdit

  • Eyes that change color, hair that takes more than five words to describe, etc.
  • Special magic powers (even where magic doesn’t exist) and/or unusual appendages such as wings.
  • Ability to master anything with ease.
  • Having a dark past.
  • Cute baby version of an imaginary creature for a pet.
  • The ability to make male canon (and original) characters fall instantly in love with them.
  • Sparkles where there shouldn't be sparkles.
  • Purple prose or badly-written prose.
  • No actual flaws.
  • Being "too beautiful" or "not being able to play the banjo" are not flaws.
  • Obvious author self-insertion.

TL;DR: A "perfect" character that supersedes everybody in looks, personality, etc. Note that mary sues will have no real personality.