Welcome to Medieval Roleplay, a popular roleplaying game on ROBLOX. Before you begin your roleplaying adventures, here are a few things every person needs to know to get the most out of the game.

Medieval Roleplay HistoryEdit

TecMagDiams created Medieval Roleplay (MRP) in 2008 as a small area designed for private fantasy roleplays. He soon came to the realization the overall area was too small for the game's growing popularity; on March 28, 2010, MRP 4.0 was opened to the public. The new map had a cleaner feel and also provided distance between various areas, as well as adding in new areas to roleplay in. One of the things that makes MRP stand out from other game and forum roleplays is that there is an active moderation system where people chosen by Tecmagdiams would be allowed to punish, kick, or even ban people who are breaking any sort of roleplay rules.

Medieval Roleplay 3.0 (Classic)Edit

By far, MRP 3.0 is one of the most beloved roleplay games on ROBLOX. For its time, it was one of the games that used the most up-to-date features. Some of the features are specific actions per class (like blacksmiths only being allowed to make weapondry), interactable parts (like the castle gate), and basic ban and kick scripts. Once MRP 4.0 was released, the game slowly declined in popularity. It is now used for private roleplays between players who recognise there is a previous version. Some of the most famous roleplayers and roleplay moderators have experienced the classic version during its "glory days".

Medieval Roleplay 4.0 (Current Version)Edit

As always, MRP 4.0 exceeded player expectations. The game features multiple GUI panels that give roleplayers endless roleplay options. The active news feed provides the latest news on updates and future roleplay games. The inventory lets players wear certain armor, carry keys, swords, and books, and other thibgs. An admin panel is available to those chosen by Tecmagdiams; it contains basic scripts like ban, punish, teleportation to other parts of the map, and the gifting of special classes to other players. The game also has an interactable rules book.

Future Medieval RoleplaysEdit

There are rumors Tecmagdiams is considering creating the "ultimate medieval fantasy" roleplay. With his recent temporary break from MRP, it is questionable "MRP 5.0" will become a reality.