Clobug98's new roleplay character created in July 2011.

Meli (No Surname)
Clo Crossing







Eye Color:


Hair Color:



A small bluebird that sits perched on her shoulder


Grew up alone. Not much food. No money at all.Was bossed around a lot as she grew older to live life with another family. Was basically a servant. At this time she was 9. From 9 and on she was sent to a Magic Academy for the poor which would take many years to complete. She currently still attends the school which is in a very secretive location. She will often sneak out of the house during the night hours to practice more powerful magic than her folks knew about. The family wanted her to strictly learn how to make small fireballs and produce small amounts of magic. The family would never approve of anything the poor girl would do so Meli had the chance to rebel. She currently can't do much to rebel at her age, sadly. Has never had a real meal in ages. Her diet consists of Bread and meat scraps. The family she currently beholds is not very wealthy. The father is a Merchant and the mother is a Servant to the nobles, and she doesn't get payed nearly enough to even pay for a full turkey. Meli is trying to help the family, yet at the same time prove them wrong about her being the helpless little girl she grew up as.