Miles Kyworth is a chatracter by Denoraxa.


Miles Kysworth is a man of a thin, lean build. He has muscle, not much in strength but endurance. His exact height is about a 5'11 to 5'9. He is seen to be wearing a long maroon jacket, white gloves, a light grey/brown vest, maroon pants, white silk undershirt. The oddest thing about his attire, is the commoners boots, which is made of cowhide leather. His face is rather narow, crystal blue eyes, no face mark to look at, not even a mole. He has a head of blond, thick hair that he lets growpast his earlobes, the front is normally kept under his black bowler hat.


Miles has a very cold personality. He treats his slaves somewhat like people, they still sleep in the celler. His mind is made for buisness, witty, calm and unerving.


Miles Kysworth was the only son of Micheal Kysworth and Rachel Kysworth. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, until age thirteen, after that he was sent to a military academy. It was there he learned his discipline and cold exterior. After graduating from the 'hellhole' he refers to the school is, he returned home, to see his father has went into a new buisness, alchemic suppling along with the farming plantations. After his father died abruptly of cardicac arrest, his mother, was brought into the family, knew nothing of buisness, everything was left to Miles. Thrown headfirst into the world, he made risky decisions, this lead him to near bankrupcy. He quickly took some money and went to study ecenomics, his mother died in between this time. Nobody knows how. He won't say. Then, found on one plantation was a rare herb, this caused halucenogenics and the feeling of being unstoppable. He saw its use,and he began a nursery, then he started trade. The drug became illegal soon after, Miles then dug into the criminal buisness. From there he expanded his ecenomic empire. Still on the public seeming like a honest buisness man. Miles now deals in drugs, illegal weaponry, and the sex slaves. Miles has no romantic intrests or person to love. He has his money, he believes this is enough to fufil him. Until someone changes this.


Miles during his time in academy has learned swordsmanship. His has only a black cane made of wood. The inside of the curve of his cane has a iorn bar to increase weight. The shaft of the cane can be pulled off, revealing the deadly blade keeping concealed. If this were not to be enough, the bottom of the cane shell over his sword that is longer than blade, holds toxic spores that can be used to blind an enemy.His only weapon other than that is a letter opener that he keeps in his breast pocket.