"Hello People os MRP!" are some of my favorite words. I say them whenever I enter a server. About me: Im funny, adorable, and one of the fastest learners you'lll ever meet. I love to enjoy my time RPing at MRP, modding at MRP, or playing football in the, yes the 'Real World'. ~Gasp~ Yes it is true i do play football, I am a Defensive Nose/Tackle and am an offensive linemen. Well, as the French say it, "Adieu mes amis" or as the Italians say it, "Buonanotte i miei amici" or as the Americans say it, "Goodnight my friends".


sips her hot chocolate happily

Woah. you play football. I WAS going to comment on how you can't call yourself adorable, but the thought of you getting squished by other people? Damn. That IS adorable.

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