Moderators and admins have the power to punish rulebreakers on both Medieval Roleplay versions. This usually happens when a person refuses to change their ways after being warned once or twice about their behavior. The puishments on both versions have slight differences, including a class change.

Medieval Roleplay 3.0Edit

When a person is punished, they automatically go into the prisoner class. The spawn is in a jail cell behind the castle; trying to escape will reset your charcter. The admin will be able to determine how long the person will be punished for.

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Medieval Roleplay 4.0Edit


The Punishments admin panel.

With a new user GUI, admins have a panel with various warnings, punishments, and other things. When a person needs to be punished, they go to the "Punishments Admin Panel" and click on "Punish." When this happens, the punished person disappears, though still able to talk. After a few minutes, the admin can unpunish the person by clicking "Unpunish." The person will then reappear on the screen, sometimes resetting.

Medieval Roleplay 5.0Edit

There is currently no news on the 5.0 punishment system.

Preventing a PunishmentEdit

The number one way to prevent a punishment is to follow all Medieval Roleplay rules. Remember to also listen to the admins and do what they say, regardless of how goofy or dumb it may seem to you.