ROBLOX Username:


MRP Characters:

Christabelle and Tanya



Favorite drink:


Favorite Food:


Favorite Song:

A Thousand Years


Ohai. So I have to write about myself in third person? YAY!!!!!

About Rose1240Edit

Rose1240's first encounter with the MRP series was when she first visited it in 2009. However, she wasn't a very good roleplayer back then, so she'd only visited the place about 2 times. (Yes, she missed the opening of MRP 4.0. D:) In mid 2010, she came back to MRP 4.0 and began roleplaying again. Through her numerous times of playing, (usually as a princess. XD) she eventually got better and better at roleplaying. She is currently an active player of MRP 4.6, and plays it nearly every day.


Favourite TV Show(s): Modern Family, Raising Hope and The Simpsons.

Favourite Colour(s): Purple, Blue and Pink.

Likes: Food, ROBLOX, Facebook games, The Sims, Watching movies, Chocolate, Drawing, Singing and Being awesome. :P


So.. That's just about it for me. Hope I see you around ROBLOX sometime. Byes! :3

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