Not much is known of this sociopath. All the guards know of this sociopath is that he is male, dresses up in noble clothing, and wears a very strange jester mask that he calls 'The Killing Mask'. The Jester is an agile fellow, quick, versatile. Quick with his hands, and sharp with his tongue, this man is the king of all thieves, or as they claim. He is a dangerous murderer, and apparently drinks human blood as a preferred drink. He dons ornamental weapons, mostly dirks and shortswords. Studies point to him having a rough childhood, not much family. Lived on the streets for a short while, found his way into thieving, and his life went on from then on. Using his new found skills. He made a living by stilling valuable things, and has a knack for collecting ornamental items, and nice noble-like clothing. He sold valuables, and went ahead to fend for himself, he managed to find himself with a gang, and then managed to become a king over thieves. That is about The Jester's life.