Yes, he was drawn by the hand of mine. Thank you fer asking.




Character Age


Hair color


Eye Color

Dark brown



He was born into a family of theives with three of his brothers, at birth the brothers were split up by their parents to keep the bloodline going in differrent clans. As Tonus was growing up a happy and lifeful boy, taught by his mother and father for his skills in deception. It was until the age of twelve that the theives den was found out by the bandits and raided, the bandits killed almost every thief in the den, there was one minor mistake they made. Their mistake was forgetting that some theives were deceptful. In turn allowing Tonus to escape and live off his own stealing food from vendors and acquiring money from unsuspecting nobles. Tonus had decided that he wanted to live in home by himself and planned a heist to steal from the castle at the age of seventeen. Tonus has forgotten about the guards at the castle and he was caught trying to steal a necklace from one of the cases. He was sentenced to serve as a slave, switching masters from time to time for killing them. It wasn't until the age of twenty he successfully escaped his unwitty master. Tonus made his way back to the kingdom disguised as a commoner and had enlisted to be a guard for the kingdom.