Character Creator:





6' (188 cm)


195 (88 kg)

Eye color:



Short and Beige


More often than not, Tyr aims to incapacitate or kill the enemy in the quickest possible fashion.

Typical Appearance:

Whatever suits him at the moment.

Default Appearance:

A dark shirt and pants (the shirt lacks a left sleeve), cloak, hood, and sash of the same color.

Born into a moderately successful Tethyrian merchant family, Tyr was restless from a young age. Upon turning twelve, he made the decision to stow away on a cargo vessel with an unknown destination, and spent the next ten years wandering the face of the world, picking up an unusual yet diverse skillset.

Tyr's ultimate goal is to kill or intimidate the leaders of select countries, thus destabilizing those countries and the surrounding region in quick succession, thrusting the world into chaos where the nations left stable will be able to forge an alliance, uniting the world under a single banner, and, of course, under Tyr.

Tyr is, technically, an Abomination. He suffered a broken arm in combat, and sought out a mage known as Mortalitas. In addition to healing the broken arm, Mortalitas added ten dagger-length spikes of bone to his left forearm. Further enchantments allowed Tyr limited control over the spikes, and strengthened the durability of the spikes.