Perhaps it may be a good idea for fan-made amulets. They could cost more, like 45 or 60 tix, and the creator would have to pay 30 or 40 robux to get tecmagdiams to post it. I came up with 5 ideas already

1:Psychedelic amulet-Gives any object a moving psychedelic design, for a distraction. "When one is cornered by a psycho celtic, psychedelic" 15 tix 2 hour recharge time

2:Blind View Amulet-Allows you to see through eyelids for 15 minutes. Opening eyes will overload amulet effect. "For a feeling of deep, see straight through your sleep" 30 tix 12 hour recharge time

3:Context-Sensitive Amulet- Will create a random object that will somehow help in the situation somehow "i need to defeat this speedy clown that jeers.....what the hell?! it gave me two beers!!" 200 tix, 24 hour recharge

4:Plasma Amulet- Will Create a glowing ball of oxygen. Can be used to create st elmos fire or a small ball lightning "A glowing ball of air we breathe will probably reveal the enemy's sheathe"

5:Echoing Amulet-Will Amplify your voice 10-20 times on will. "Time to crank the voice up....HEY EVERYBODY! SHADDUP!!!!!" 60 tix, 10 minute recharge

Comment with more ideas

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